Did you know that there are many different types of pelvic floor exercises (kegels)?

Are you sure you are doing them correctly? In fact, the majority of women do Kegels incorrectly. Because of this, even with hard work, millions of women are not seeing the results they desire and deserve. It is important to know how to do Kegels correctly—and there is help available! The Accidental Sisterhood Progressive Plan will show you how to properly execute pelvic floor exercises, and provide you with a plan to assure you achieve results.


The Accidental Sisterhood Progressive Plan details two primary types of kegel exercises and four assisting exercises to help you target all the muscles of the pelvic floor and lower abdominals. You can do your kegels anywhere – in the car, at your desk or during sex! The Sisterhood DVD features an 8-minute at-home training session with our physical therapist, Jennifer Heisel Mangano, to help you stay motivated and focused.


The benefits of improved pelvic floor health achieved through The Accidental Sisterhood Progressive Plan include:


  • Physical Improvement - Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor, which can:
    • Cure Incontinence
    • Increase bladder control
    • Prevent prolapsed pelvic organs

  • Sexual Enhancement - Tighter, stronger pelvic floor muscles means more friction, which means more pleasure for both parties. These results include:
    • More easily achieved orgasms
    • Better controlled timing for orgasms
    • Multiple orgasms
    • Stronger, longer orgasms

  • Emotional Enrichment - If you suffer with bladder control issues, you understand the impact it has on your daily life. Imagine losing the anxiety involved with bladder issues:
    • Laugh without fear
    • Go out without anxiety
    • Take back control
    • Restore self-confidence


Experience the benefits firsthand! The Accidental Sisterhood book and Progressive Plan will show you how.